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Corona Virus Update

Here are some hints and tips on how we can help you to manage your toothache at home during COVID-19.

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As you will no doubt be very aware, we are in the midst of an unprecedented Coronavirus pandemic. In those infected with Coronavirus, the resultant disease can be life threatening, especially if they are elderly or have a weakened immune system. Consequently, we all need to do everything possible to help control the spread of Coronavirus and protect those most vulnerable.

As always, the safety of our patients, our staff and the wider community is of paramount importance to us and so we continue to strictly adhere to the latest official advice and recommendations.

The practice of dentistry poses an extremely high-risk of acquiring and spreading Coronavirus; which has a long incubation period and many carriers being asymptomatic. The unavailability of special ‘FFP3’ face masks, other specialised protective equipment and appropriate training for use of this equipment means that we are currently not allowed to see any patients face-to-face.

Although we are currently limited to providing remote consultations via the telephone or via email, we remain committed to helping and supporting you as much as we can.

We welcome any of our patients with a dental emergency, which may include trauma, pain or swelling, to call us on 01305 263492, or email info@thegardensdental.co.uk.

We will provide help on how best to deal with your dental problem which may include practical advice, the best painkillers to take, or provision of a prescription for antibiotics in the case of an infection.

It may be deemed necessary to make a referral to an Urgent Dental Care Centre, although this service will be strictly limited to dealing with acute dental emergencies rather than broken/lost fillings/crowns etc. Members of The Gardens Dental Practice Team have already volunteered and pledged support to these emerging urgent care clinics.

In addition, we will provide any necessary information and updates on our website www.thegardensdental.co.uk and on our Facebook page and other social media platforms.

Whilst the practice doors remain temporarily closed The Gardens Dental Practice Team is working tirelessly behind the scenes. We are taking significant measures to ensure the practice remains viable during this shut-down period in order to facilitate your dental care once we are permitted to re-open.

We are in the process of contacting our patients to reschedule forthcoming appointments in April and May. At this stage we are unsure how long the practice will be required to remain temporarily closed. The time frame for the temporary closure will continually be reviewed following government advice.

If there is anything you would like to discuss further, then do contact the practice by email where possible. Once the Coronavirus situation becomes stable we look forward to seeing you all once again.

Thank you for your continued understanding and support during this difficult and challenging time. We hope that you, your friends and family are keeping safe and well.

With Best Wishes,

Matthew and The Gardens Dental Practice Team

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